Vintage 18 apartments

the art of living

The unique apartments feature ample indoor and outdoor space, enclosed balconies and stunning views over the Douro River

4 concepts
of apartments,
4 lifestyles

4 apartment concepts,
4 lifestyles

Sky Villas

Sky Villas

An exclusive and stunning concept on the top floor of the building.

Duplex apartments with large interior areas that merge with the exterior through generous full-length balconies, with magnificent views over the Douro and the cities of Gaia and Porto.


With spacious and welcoming spaces, the Homes apartments capture the most important moments with family and friends.

The large gourmet balconies, perfectly integrated with the social areas, and the breathtaking views over the Douro, ennoble the social gatherings and gatherings that naturally arise in these spaces.


Private terraces offer the privilege of experiencing the lifestyle of a villa with the security of an apartment in the city center.

In these apartments, the terraces integrate harmoniously with the interior and social areas, appearing as a natural extension of the house.


These sophisticated apartments seek to make daily life trouble-free through careful attention to design details and a clear focus on the functionality of spaces.

Perfect for a dynamic, cosmopolitan lifestyle.

apartments available

IDTypeFloorGross Private AreaPrivate Exterior AreaTotal Private AreaBlueprint
T1C-A11T11163 m20 m263 m2
T1B-A11T11166 m20 m266 m2
T1B-A10T11066 m211 m277 m2
T1B-A5T1566 m211 m277 m2
T1B-A6T1666 m211 m277 m2
T1B-A7T1766 m211 m277 m2
T1B-A8T1866 m211 m277 m2
T1B-A9T1966 m211 m277 m2
T1C-A10T11062 m217 m279 m2
T1C-A4T1462 m217 m279 m2
T1C-A5T1562 m217 m279 m2
T1C-A6T1662 m217 m279 m2
T1C-A7T1762 m217 m279 m2
T1C-A8T1862 m217 m279 m2
T1C-A9T1962 m217 m279 m2